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Worklife Solutions offers a wide range of career and life coaching programmes and self-empowerment resources for individuals and organisations.  We also offer training courses for people wanting to become a professional certified career or life coach. Founding Director, Cassandra Gaisford, is a holistic therapist, best-selling author, and award-winning artist.

Cassandra and the team at Worklife Solutions are celebrated for our fresh, solutions-focused approach, and are committed to helping people live happier, fulfilled and successful lives. Our philosophy is to work creatively, passionately and professionally to tailor programmes which meet your individual needs and aspirations.

We pride ourselves on being long-term thinkers, who are quick to sort out problems that hold individuals back. We focus on turning raw ideas and concepts into practical, sustainable and pragmatic solutions. 


Working at a distance is our speciality

You do not need to feel socially isolated. We can support, guide and help you reach your potential no matter where you are in New Zealand or the world.

Employee support solutions for individuals and organisations can be offered via Skype, Zoom, email or phone. Distance is no barrier to receiving customised, personalised help. 

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Create a successful purposeful home-based business

Discover how to be your own boss the affordable, fun, purposeful way

Make money as a life coach, earn extra income on the side, and easily create your own home-based online business with Cassandra Gaisford using the Worklife Solutions fail-proof system & attract your first paying client in weeks.  All from the comfort of your own home or exotic destination.

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Stress Less. Love Life More: How to Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, Eliminate Negative Thinking and Find Happiness 


In Stress Less. Love More best-selling author and holistic therapist Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip Psych) reveals dozens of insights based on positive psychology research, and professional achievements gained by successfully helping burned-out corporate executives, teenagers, extraordinary artists, authors, frazzled employees and creative entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life, destress and succeed more.

This book explores the effects of stress on the body and mind and offers practical solutions to achieving the right balance in our life. It explores ways to master effective stress management, as well as providing quick-fix stress relievers.


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How to Find Your Joy and Purpose: Four Easy Steps to Discover A Job You Want And Live the Life You Love.

If you’d love to: 

  • Relieve stress and quit worrying easily
  • Create more happiness, peace, and joy
  • Keep your brain and body strong and ready for joyfully, focused work
  • Rescue and enrich your relationships
  • Increase your success, health, and happiness with a few simple steps

You’ll find the answers in How to Find Your Joy and Purpose: Four Easy Steps to Discover A Job You Want And Live the Life You Love.  Available  NOW!


If you need a career rescue or mid-life makeover Cassandra’s Amazon #1 best-selling books in the ‘Mid-Life Career Rescue’ series, are now available from Amazon.



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