Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

It pays to be creative – how passion benefits us all

Passionate people are like vitamins for our souls. People who do what they love with all their heart radiate an invisible ray of energy that touches all those who stand in its path. Passionate people make what they do seem so easy. Yet it takes great courage, hard work and often sacrifice to pursue ones true calling.  Often these passionate people are the artisans and creative creatures who live amongst us. Sometimes they are the ones who pursue the less traditional career paths that so few have the courage to tackle.

Yet turning your back on traditional careers and office based jobs can be profitable on many levels as European musician Virgil Iuriciuc and his band of musicians has found. Since the age of 6 years he has been perfecting his passion for playing the violin. His talent for playing the violin, hard work, and heart based playing has enabled him to travel and work all around the world to the delight of those that flock to hear him play.

For 10 years he has played in Venice at the most famous café in the world. His heart wrenching music moves people to tears and inspires people to fall in love all over again. He has met famous people and been winded and dined by princes and princesses. Playing the violin has also been fabulous for this love life.

Now he lives and works in Japan – doubling his salary twice over. It may sound like a glamorous existence but it still requires a great sacrifice. He cannot afford to live and work in his own country and sends all the money he earns to his family in Romania, but he is doing what he loves and what he believes he was born to do. People show their appreciation in tears of happiness and great rounds of applause and he feels the sort of fulfillment that comes from being true to himself.

How do people successfully manage creative careers? Here are 5 simple strategies:

1.Up skill in the areas of business and marketing. As successful author Robert Kyoskai says, “Everything in life is about marketing.” The more you know the more you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

2.Do a career combo – sometimes having many strings to your bow is the best way to manage unpredictable or unsustainable cash flow. DJ lemon is passionate about reggae music but combines his love with working as a barber. Shelly is training to be a movie maker but knows she can always fall back on her nursing skills when work is thin.

3.Be passionate – Passion is a source of huge energy from the soul that enables a person to produce extraordinary results. Extraordinary people get noticed! As Anita Roddick says, ’ We communicate with passion and passion sells.”

4.Finance your passion – discard unneeded material trappings and trim expenses

5.Persevere – maintain the faith. As Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, give up.”

To deny passion and your creative calling is to deny Who You Are and Who you Truly Want To Be.  As Pablo Picasso famously said:” “My mother said to me, “If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general; if you become a monk, you’ll end up as the Pope.” Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”

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