Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

How to manifest a new career

may your choices reflect your hopes not your fears

From Air Hostess to  Career Counsellor

Angela is 41 and a single parent of two young daughters. At the time she came to see me she was working as an air hostess, a job she had been doing for over ten years. She was feeling stressed by the shift work and her inability to care for her daughters as much as she liked. Her self-esteem and confidence were also suffering. She had been adopted and never felt she had achieved anything significant in her life. This was especially the case when she compared herself to her siblings who had done well academically.

The desire for a better future for herself and her daughters spurred her on to make some dramatic changes. “I went back to school and retrained to be a counsellor because I wanted to do something different and to truly help people. I wanted to be a specialist but I didn’t feel like I had any skills because I had only been an air hostess for the last ten years.”

Helping Angela to visualise her preferred future was an important step in preparing her for the challenges of going back to study as a mature student. “I am nearly finished my diploma now and so many times I felt like giving up. My vision for the life I want both myself and my children to have has helped keep me on track. And I have surprised myself with how well I am doing academically. I’m feeling nervous but excited about what the future holds,“ she told me recently.

I reminded her that she is the creator or her future and that as she nears the end of her study now is the time to revisit her life and career goals. Together we agreed that the following strategies would help her stay on track as she moved toward her preferred future:

•   Write her ideal job description, including hours of work (flexible and part time so she could drop off and pick up her children from school); benefits – including ongoing training; work environment – supportive and friendly

•   Updating her passion journal and dream board with inspiring pictures, quotes, affirmations, feedback, and looking at it daily to keep her passion alive

•   Continuing to gain work experience in the industry of her choice and cultivating helpful networks and alliances

•   Setting mini regular goals to break her future goals down and planning out each day

•   Scheduling ‘me time’ and looking after herself, including using stress management techniques

•  Talking to people who are already living her dream and asking her way to success

•   Collecting positive feedback and surrounding herself with positive role models

•   Actively working on building and maintaining high self-esteem and confidence, including actively challenging her fears and unhelpful beliefs such as “I’ll never be able to find the perfect job,”and “Nobody will hire me when I am finished studying.”

Happily Angela found a full-time job working for a family- friendly, government agency, providing career transition support services for the unemployed.

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Live with audacity

you'll be happier than you know is possible


“The world is in perpetual motion, and we must invent the things of tomorrow. One must go before others, be determined and exacting, and let your intelligence direct your life. Act with audacity.”

~ Madame Veuve Cliquot


I ran into a former coaching client the other day and she told me how much she enjoyed receiving the newsletters. I asked her if there was a topic that she would appreciate me writing about as we head into a new year. So this one’s for Anita, and for all the other people who’d love to make a change for the better but feel they lack the confidence.

Ever since I read Madame Veuve Cliquot’s autobiography and came across a line in the book where she said, “Act with audacity.”

I loved the word, audacity. It spoke to me deeply, but I had no idea what it meant. Here’s what I read:


  1. boldness or daring, especially with confident disregard for conventional thought, or other restrictions.
  1. intrepid boldness


Our audacious move. I told my client our news, which I’m sharing with you now. Not to brag or boast at our good fortune but, as Anita encouraged, to inspire. We’ve been looking to make a change in location for some years now. Last year we ‘chanced’ (some would say the meeting was fated) across a stunning property just outside Kerikeri. Long story short, after overcoming many, many obstacles, the contract for the sale of the house was confirmed on 30 September – my birthday!

So many of you have asked for photos of Lorenzo’s and mine new home – Summer Hill in the Bay Of Islands. It’s such an amazing story of manifestation. From just a whisper of a glance through trees, a dream we never thought was possible.

The moment we walked up the sweeping tree-lined driveway I knew this was our ‘home’. We hadn’t even been around the front – which as you’ll see – has the most incredible uninterrupted views of the magnificent Bay of Islands.

Lorenzo hasn’t even been inside! (The house was tenanted, and still is, following the passing away of the founding owners).

From the Kiwi Sanctuary across the road, to the serenity of the architectural design of the house which sits harmoniously amongst 10 acres of lovingly planted trees, to the pond at the entrance where native birds flourish and where one day we hope to plant water lily’s, to the workshop where I can at last have an art studio (and lead/host some artist’s, writers and spiritual retreats), and the warmth of the tropical climate where our souls can breathe – Summer Hill couldn’t be more perfect.

I had the privilege of meeting Russell, the man (when we met in his eighties) who with his wife collaborated with the architect in the design and built the house (complete with a Yin Yang design to add to the feng shui harmony). Sadly he passed two years ago, but happily for us we now get to continue his legacy. They named their home Summer Hill, and painted it warm ochre yellow to reflect the homeland of his Australian wife and the area Summer Hill, in Australia, where these two lovebirds met.

We’re very much looking forward to possession date of late April 2015. In time we’ll embrace complementing the timeless modernist design with a revitalising interior update, and continuing efforts to protect our most treasured native bird the Kiwi (still at threat of extinction) and then to kicking back and enjoying special times with friends and family. We hope to see many of you there 🙂
Best of all because of the way we re-engineered the way we work both our roles enable us to work anywhere in the world. Plus traveling to the main centres is only a 40 minute flight away.


Your audacious move

‘I’d love to make a move like that, but I’m not like you. I’m not confident’, one client told me. It’s not the best of affirmations for manifesting your dreams. I respect that making a change for the better can be/is frightening for many, but I can’t over-emphasise how important it is to stay positive.

So what if you’re not feeling confident. What can you do? What if you don’t have heaps and heaps of money (like Laurie and I didn’t when we made our most audacious move). What if you don’t have an inheritance or some other cash cow to save you if it all turns to custard. What if there is no sugar daddy, or the security of savings?

Feel the fear, and do it anyway Susan Jeffers, author of the same titled book may encourage.

Step one: Be inspired. Get clear about what makes your soul sing. What is it you really want? Don’t look at obstacles – think opportunities and potentialities.

When we were manifesting our dream home we though about our criteria for happiness. Some of the top things included feeling warm all year round but still in New Zealand. This ruled out the South Island. We wanted to live in an inspiring, creative location, with minimal noise and maximum nature – but still close to civilization. Our new home in Opito Bay enjoys 10 acres of uninterrupted views of The Bay Of Islands, and is close to the vibrant township of Kerikeri.
Regardless of whether it’s a new job you want to manifest, a beautiful relationship or am exciting move, get clear about your criteria for satisfaction. What inspires you? If money were no object what would you love to do?


Step two: It’s all about taking calculated risks. Look at potential risks objectively but don’t let them paralyse you. Believe in yourself and trust that no matter what happens you’ll handle it. ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ you should ask. Followed quickly by, ‘how can I minimise this outcome?’

Think back to times when you’ve made successful changes in the past. What did you do well? What would you do differently?


Step three: Let love not fear propel you forward. My client who wanted to make a similar move like so many people was focusing on fear. Her mind was running through all the things that could go wrong. Great if you do step two above, but not so flash if you focus more on the risk that you do the gains.
In her example I reminded her that Wellington house prices are stagnating (especially when compared to other areas in NZ) and not predicted to make exceptional gains. Plus we live in an area prone to earthquakes. A move up North, where her daughter pleaded for them all to live, would be warmer, less stressful, closer to her family. Plus her current job offered the potential to transfer up to Auckland so she would have security of income. Still it felt like a big leap.

Love is stronger than fear – so surround yourself with reminders of what you want to manifest and how making a change will benefit you.

When Laurie and I were planning our move we framed a photo of Summer Hill, the house we wanted to purchase and using Photoshop added some encouragement someone gave us, “You’ll be happier there than you know is possible.” We also listed all the benefits and kept seeing ourselves as already there. We also surrounded ourselves with a ‘community’ of friends and acquaintances who believed in our dreams. A big success was the creation of what I call ‘the manifestation fridge’ – pasting feel good images, quotes etc. in the one place we were guaranteed to see it all the time!

How could you feed your love and keep your mind off fear? Another thought just occurred to me – what if you used a tendency to think negatively constructively? What if you identified all the things that could go wrong if you stayed the same and didn’t make a change.


Step four: Baby steps. ‘Make a plan Stan and set yourself free’ – the lyrics of a song I used to listen to encouraged. When Laurie and I manifested our move to Opito Bay it took four years of micro movements. Much like a game of chess, little by little, subtle move by subtle move it all added up to the grand move. How could we afford it? What would need to change? How do we need to change? What do we need to know? How do we know what we know – where is our evidence for that? What’s the best that could happen?

All these generative questions tapped into our higher consciousness, intuitiveness and creativity…guiding us toward pragmatic steps of rational, inspired action.
What baby steps could you take today? Tomorrow? After?


Step five. Surround yourself with cheerleaders. Often those closest to you are fearful, if not more fearful than you. Your dreams could make them feel inadequate. Worse scenario, unintentionally (or not) they may prefer to see you unchanged. Often your success highlights their own need to change it up. The best cheerleaders are often objective, impartial and skilled. That’s where a professional life or career coach comes in.

It’s hard to excel without a true pro shouting from the side-line, cheering you on or helping you perfect your technique. Find any Olympian or world-class athlete who hasn’t benefited from a professional coach, Just look at the All Blacks. Coaches trained in psychology and mind-power helped them ace the World Rugby Cup.

Your success inspires not threatens. No matter how skilled, clever and motivated a person may be, they seldom achieve their maximum potential without the right support network.
Who could support you?

These are just a few of the things we did to manifest our dreams and act with audacity. Exciting and challenging times ahead but it’s all heading in one giant life inspiring direction.

I hope there’s a few words of encouragement to inspire you to take a leaf from Madame Cliquot’s book and invent the life you wish to lead tomorrow. Keep me informed and I shall raise a glass of champagne to celebrate your success.



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