Monday, March 28th, 2016

Becoming the best version of you

The Deposition (%22The Florentine Pietà%22 MichelangeloWhat divine timing it was this Easter. I was tidying up my studio and came across one of my travel journals and a sketch I completed while in Florence. I remember feeling so emotional when I saw la Pietà a Michelangelo in Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Florence (also known as The Deposition  and The Florentine Pietà).

The sculpture, depicting four figures: the dead body of Jesus Christ, newly taken down from the Cross, Nicodemus (the face of Nicodemus under the hood is considered to be a self-portrait of Michelangelo himself), Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary, is one of incredible intensity, imbued with raw emotional power.

You don’t have to be a Christian to experience the indescribable grief of a mother losing her child, or a woman losing her loved one, and for Christians all over the world Easter is a very important time of remembrance…one we can all learn from..betrayal, forgiveness, death, love, healing and resurrection…so many enduring lessons.

la pieta a michaelangelo

And then there is the enduring mystery, of what really happened to Jesus, and just who was Mary Magdalene to him. If you’ve read the Da Vinci Code, or seen the movie, or read books by great spiritual masters you’ll know another version of the ‘truth.’


What does this all have to do with you?

The story of Easter is one of death and resurrection. It’s a time of reinvention.


Becoming the best version of you

clive-wilsonI hope you had a fabulous Easter! It’s a great time to pause and take stock of the people and situations that really matter to you. And as we head into a change of season it’s a wonderful time to consider reinventing yourself and your career. Like Clive Wilson recently did when he trained with me to become a life coach.

Who would have believed that in just under 6 months he would have refound his purpose and created a thriving business. Just before Easter Clive fired up his website – and he’s attracting interest from all over the world.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s finally become a reality.It all began over a cup of tea in the Langham when we secured that domain name! A HUGE thank you for your ‘significant’ part in this and Laurie for steering me in the right direction in terms of the name,” he wrote to me recently.

Having heard too many death-bed regrets Clive’s on a mission to help people live a significant life. Navigate to Clive’s website here You’ll also find his Facebook business page under Significant Lives.

You can find out more about the training Clive did with us here >>


“I want people to know how great they are already.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.03.35 pmI love helping passionate, purposeful people establish their own businesses!
Like Leigh Johnson, whose story of entrepreneurial rejuvenation I share in my Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself. Available from  Or

I adore working with Leigh in her quest to achieve excellence as a Well-being and Transition Coach. Leigh is so genuine, authentic, mega-talented and dedicated to achieving her life purpose; helping others overcome issues which, if left unaddressed, will hold them back. “I want people to know how great they are already,” she says of her new mission.

After establishing a successful recruitment business, and following a period of depression, Leigh yearned to help others. She contacted me to help her define her brand and gain the skills she needed to be a successful coach.

“I give credit to Cassandra Gaisford ( ) for helping me unclutter my thoughts and clear the way to make the decision to become a Well-being & Transition Coach, “ she shares on her blog.

As she says, her shutters are up and she’s taking on clients! “”Maybe you’re thinking about a career change or realignment, or a transition to self-employment or starting an enterprise. On the other hand you may have suffered from one of life’s set backs; burnout, anxiety or depression and would like the support of someone who has first-hand experience with similar issues,” she shares on her blog.” You can read her post here….

Fast-track your success

Are you looking for a business coach to help with inspiration and practical support? Would you like to fast-track your success? Contact me at to find out more. Or navigate to the following page to learn more about business coaching and how it can help you: individuals/business-coaching

EmployYourself_IdaOr read the other stories of entrepreneurial rejuvenation I share in my book, Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself

“I felt especially inspired by the true accounts of people who beat the odds by starting a business and how they became successful. The variety of examples of entrepreneur stories given makes you realise that anything is possible with enough will and determination! Cassandra paves the way for you to have belief in your ideas and to run with them. This book will have you excited about the future, dreaming big and living boldly…” ~ Amazon review

Employ yourself! Live the entrepreneurial life and create a product and service so good that people will pay for it.

Thank you to every one here who has allowed me the joy of collaborating with you! Here’s to all our success!! xxxxx

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

At a crossroads? It’s time for a fresh approach

This most beautiful card is from a set of oracle cards, called Nature’s Whispers, illustrated by Josephine Wall. An oracle is a potent guide that can you make better choices. Throughout history people have turned to an oracle to help them choose the best course of action. In historical times an oracle was believed only to be accessed via a high ranking priest or priestess. In some cultures certain landmarks were designated as oracles.

A deep belief in the powers of an oracle has spurred many famous people in history to achieve seemingly impossible goals. Kings, queens, geniuses and business people, including Coco Chanel  have founded careers based on oracles like tarot cards. The divinations that were ascribed to oracles were not viewed as ‘fluff,” ramblings or coincidence. They were regarded very seriously. These revelations were not from mere mortals, but believed to come directly from the gods.

In modern times where nothing seems certain, millions of people are turning to oracles once again to help them chart their personal course through life.

Is it time to step out of the box?

It’s time for a fresh approach, to step out of the box and old ways of doing things, the oracle card whispers. Does this speak to you?

Perhaps you’re like me, you’ve achieved success in one path but your soul aches for something new. Perhaps you’re like Cate whose job was so suffocating she quit. She’s definitely up for a new experience!

The card above, challenges us not to default back to the comfort rut, but to look for ways to create more magic in our world.

How to create more magic in your world

How can you create more magic in your world? Do you even believe in magic? Are you a person who refers to the spiritual realm of creativity and imagination as ‘fluff’? Or do you embrace the unseen world of feelings and all things spiritual?

“Do you want me to fluff it up?” A hard-headed, rational man once asked me when I asked him if he had considered my feelings when he made an autocratic decision without talking with me first.

“Oh, you fluffy types,” a boss in my workplace scoffed, when she was unwilling to consider other peoples feelings.

What about you? Do you honour your feelings? Do you listen to your heart? I hope so, this is where magic happens!

To create more magic in your life:

  1. Create with the intention of filling your life with joy, passion, love and happiness etc. Feelings!
  2. Work toward your desires by experimenting and maintaining the wide-eyed, open-hearted curiosity of a child. Try new things. Do new things. Feel new things.
  3. Give up being right. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Magic is lost in the mire of excessive perfectionism. Mistakes bring lessons opportunities, and eureka moments!
  4. Choose love not fear as your decision making criteria. When faced with a choice ask, “Which choice is lighter?” This is one of the ways your intuition speaks to you. “If you could see what’s shimmering in your soul waiting to be set free what would it look like?” Questions like these open up a sense of possibility. Find a quiet space and let your spirit speak to you.
  5. Find your muse and feed her. Venus the goddess of beauty and Isis, goddess of magic are my muses. I feed them by looking for beauty and opportunities to create more magic in my life every day. Dabbling with oracles, aromatherapy, reading metaphysical and spiritual books are just some of the many ways I open my mind and heart to magic. Which god or goddess are you? You may like to take the goddess quiz and find out.

  6. Who is living a magical life? It may be someone past, present or future who inspires you to follow their path to success. In my writing life I aspire to write as Isabel Allende does, with magical realism.
  7. Value your imagination. This month’s Pisces new moon offers a great gift by strengthening your creative imagination. As Astrologer Kathy Pagano notes, “We spend so much time in our Waking Mind, our rational-deal-with-the-outer-world-mind that we don’t leave any time (except for when we sleep) for our Dreaming Mind.”

    Your dreaming mind works in the magical realms of imagination. Give yourself the gift of time and sit in waking silence. Step into the multi-dimensional worlds where symbols, images and metaphors are the language of magic and where life glitters with meaning and purpose. What does the image above say to you. Really look deeply at Josephine’s beautiful creation – there’s a lot of wisdom waiting for you. Do the butterflies urge you to break free of your cocoon? Does the rainbow encourage you set forth in search of your pot of gold? Does the ocean beckon you to leave the safety of the shore and to swim toward your dreams? Or something else

    It’s the perfect new moon to give rise to your dreams and visions. Pisces, a water sign, forms a doorway to other realms, say Kathy, a way of being which lets you shape-shift into your true, authentic self.

“Each day is like a painting, ” writes Andrei Ridgeway is his book Psychic Living. “When we get out of bed in the morning, we are faced with a blank canvas. We can make anything we want, a Rembrandt, a Picasso, a cartoon. Many of us aren’t aware of this. We reach for the same brush, dip it in the same colour, and add another layer to the picture we have been painting for the last ten years.

“A psychic wakes up differently.  she knows that today she is a different person, that she has grown during sleep, that her cells carry new information. Instead of dipping into the green she used yesterday, she plunges her brush into the pastel blue or the cherry red. She lives as instincts guide her rather than old fears. She might end up in the same office, sitting at the same desk, but she walks and fresh, knowing that within the parameters of her responsibilities, she can be whatever she wants.”

Do you know what you want? What you really, really want?

Everyone has psychic potential. As children this was the realm in which we walked. But all to soon we were scolded to “grow up.”

But the key to living a magical life is to recapture the spirit of childhood, maintain a playful curiosity (as Leonardo da Vinci did), tune into your instincts and listen to your heart. Follow your interests and enthusiasms and  be open to new pathways to learning.  Above all, trust your path with heart. She will never fail you.

Manifesting dreams

Many people dream of working in the sanctuary of their home, or while travelling the world. I’ve shared a few of these realities in my four #1 Amazon bestselling books – Midlife Career Rescue and How to Find Your Passion and Purpose all accessible from my author’s page here

So much magic has happened in my life since writing these books and being inspired by the lyrics song an Eagle’s song  and using this as my guiding mantra, “I dream I’m on vacation, it’s the perfect career for me.”

Tomorrow I’m being interviewed by The Travelpreneur Club  in The States – their mission, as mine is, is to inspire others to start, launch, and grow their own location independent business. Freedom! Fun! Passion, purpose and profit – are all possible while working in inspiring locations around the world.

Last month I was interviewed by Vesna Hrsto a Melbourne-based Naturopath, Mind-body Medicine specialist and Life Coach, for her Woman Reinvention Project. You’ll be able to listen to a range of inspiring experts – including me – providing strategies to help you life your best life, when it goes live on March 28th. For more details visit

My story was also included in Jeanette Martin’s very fabulous book, Write Your Book at 50.

All these things happened as if by magic. I didn’t have to leave my idyllic lifestyle property overlooking the Bay of Islands! You’ve heard the saying, when you follow your bliss, doors open for you….

Enter the passion zone and let the doors to magic open for you!

If you’d love some help manifesting more magic in your life, consider scheduling a one hour coaching session with me. Simply email  me I’d love to work with you.

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