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Accelerate your productivity. Unlock the secrets to success. Learn Scrivener Fast.

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The Learn Scrivener Fast program is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to Scrivener, with short, actionable videos that will help you write more efficiently as well as publish more easily. There are tips and tricks for the newbie and the more experienced, I’m learning so much and I’ve been using Scrivener for years.” Joanna Penn, J.F.Penn, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author.

Get the secret tool successful writers (authors, bloggers and more) use to publish their books, organise their thoughts and finish their creative writing projects.

One of the fabulous women I’ve trained to become a life coach wrote to me recently: “I have a question which I’m hoping you can help me with?  Once my site is live, my next project will be to develop an offer of a free 6 or 8 page guide for visitors to my site who would like sign up for my newsletter.  I haven’t worked out what the topic of the guide will be yet, but it’ll be along the lines of ’10 simple ways to break free and get the control back in your life’ … or something like that. I know I can use Word to create my guide in but I thought I’d check in with you to ask whether you’d recommend any professional software for writing that you use that would be great for me to start learning to use… particularly as I’d like to write ebooks/books a bit later down the track?”

People often ask me how I capture and organise ideas and what software and tools I use for writing. Like Leonardo da Vinci I never go anywhere without a notebook and pen. But when it comes to collating my ideas and publishing my blogs, articles, and books I’m a huge fan of the software programme Scrivener. But it wasn’t always this way. I’d heard others rave about it, downloaded it from  https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php (at the time of writing it sells from $45 USD) and then tried to each myself how to use it. Madness! It’s a clever tool, but a complex one – unless you learn from a pro!

Learn from an expert

The best way to learn is to learn from a pro. Don’t make the same mistake I did initially and be tempted to teach yourself. Time’s precious, and there’s no need to make things unnecessarily complicated. Accelerate your learning in less than one week, fast-track your writing career, and make a living from your writing by clicking this link >>

Joseph Michael who developed this course spent hours devoted to figuring Scrivener out, and created his fantastic course, “Learn Scrivener Fast” to make sure you never have to struggle with figuring it out the hard way like he did.

A great tool for anyone who has to, or chooses to write for a living including, authors, freelance writers, copywriters, professional bloggers, marketers, lawyers and other professionals.

Check out the list of savvy folk who use this tool and have taken Joseph’s tutorials here  and decide for yourself. Find out why it beats organising your thoughts in Word hands down.

Seven things I love about using Scrivener

1.I can organise all my thoughts, drag and drop files and folder to move around and reorder my drafts into a coherent whole

2.It’s visual. I can colour code, add images and more

3.Research is a breeze – you can easily save and retrieve blog links and other research tools

4.Publishing an eBook is a dream with Scrivener’s instant converter and complier

5.I can edit half-finished articles, blogs, and books without losing revisions

6.My work of heart is not going to die because my chapters, comments, and edits are all over the place! Nor do I have to worry about word crashing and losing everything!

7.My productivity has soared!

I’ve written and published four #1 best-selling books in four months – that’s a book a month. Without Scrivener I would have been lost. Plus I’ve saved money not having to pay other experts to compile on my behalf. I love saving money, and I love maintaining control. Right now I’m importing my incomplete manuscript for my first art-related historical novel into Scrivener. I feel less overwhelmed now that I can see everything in one easy to retrieve place rather than buried in a cumbersome word document.

Seven things I love about training with Joseph and his ‘Learn Scrivener Fast!’ tutorials

1.I am a very visual learner. The bite-sized clips with the “click-by-click” explanations he shows are perfect! It’s like having an expert Scrivener coach sitting right next to you, showing you exactly what to do to solve issues and frustrations you may come across

2.His teaching style is just what I needed. I can watch his instructional video, then go to my Scrivener programme, apply what I learned, then go back to the videos and learn more. Fantastic!

3.Joseph has a background in teaching, and he has a passion of helping people learn complex things quickly. The 12 easy-to-follow step-by-step modules are beautifully organised Into 5 logical sections

4.His tutorials have made learning Scrivener easy and fun! There are advanced tips for those who want to get more from Scrivener

5.Easy-to-understand coaching modules are available online in both text and video.

6.Learn Scrivener Fast! has enabled me to write and publish faster – which helps me earn my living from writing

7.My productivity and writing income has soared!

And those are just a few of the things I love! One of the other great things is that this course is not expensive. There’s three levels of pricing to suit most budgets. I signed up for the Ninja programme with all the extras, including the Scrivener Private Facebook Group Community – at only $297 (USD) its paid for itself over and over. Plus it’s a tax deductible expense.

Working smarter not harder!

Scrivener is great for compiling a box set. Here’s what I did to create my latest book, a three book bundle-box setbox set of my popular #1 Amazon bestsellers Mid-Life Career Rescue, I:

  1. Saved the last book in the series as a new book – giving it the new title. I used the last book in the series as my basis as I was confident the content was the most recent and updated
  2. Created three new folders (one for each of the books)
  3. Dragged the contents of my last book into one of the folders
  4. Dragged the published files for the  second and third book into the remaining second and third folder
  5. Deleted repetition, i.e. Copyright, acknowledgements, dedications etc
  6. Created new artwork for the box set
  7. Created a new description for Amazon – copying the best content from each of the individual book descriptions
  8. And voila – my three book bundle was live on Amazon in minutes!

Mid-Life Career Rescue -Three Book Bundle-Box Set (Books 1-3): The Call For Change, What Makes You Happy, Employ Yourself

Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1SpebJO

Amazon.com.au http://bit.ly/1Tgo0tF


Work smarter not harder! Boost your productively, reduce overwhelm and stress, organise your thoughts and projects efficiently, avoid procrastination and succeed more by clicking this link >>

Find out more, or go for it and get instant access now!


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More Passion – Less Career Groundhog Day

Passion is everything!! Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do what you’re passionate about. It’s Day 6 of your reinvention and my interview with Vesna is live today! If you want to live a passion-fuelled life, this interview will show you how simple and fun the process can be.

Feel free to share the link below with everyone you know who could do with a boost!!!

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People can find the books Vesna mentions here amazon.com/author/cassandragaisford


PBK3 Render

Click Here to Download Your FREE Find Your Passion Workbook


Be sure to listen to the other amazing tips and strategies shared by world renown success experts. Reinvent your career and life for FREE! If you haven’t subscribed yet, gain access here http://www.vesnahrsto.com/Cassandra

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Thursday, April 7th, 2016

How a midlife crisis has been replaced by a midlife makeover

box of chocolates passionFourteen individuals tell you their stories…

Their backgrounds and dreams are as unique as you are. What unites them is their creativity, passion and integrity. In my latest book Mid-life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself they share their fears, their struggles and their joys as they overcame obstacles and pursued their dreams of self-employment.

They were doing something they love; their passion drove them.

The list below is what they have in common. As you read this list think how many strategies could apply to you:

Making money was not their sole motivation. Their businesses grew from a desire to serve others; they were not trying to force something on others or to make a killer sale. Instead, they wanted to make a positive difference and create something of value. They didn’t badger people into buying their goods or service.

  1. They cared about whether or not they could help a prospective client. If they could, great. If not, they were either quietly persistent until they were needed, or they moved on.
  2. They planned for success. Their business and marketing plans were living documents and they managed their finances extraordinarily well.
  3. They shared. They communicated their vision, goals and plans with those important to them, and they researched their clients and stakeholders constantly to learn how to do things better together.
  4. They listened. They listened to their staff, their families and their clients. Then, and only then, when they understood their issues, fears, needs and desires did they offer a solution.
  5. They started smart. When employing others, whether on contract or as salaried staff, they hired the right people for the right job. And, when necessary, they gave their people the training, systems, environment and recognition to do their job well.
  6. They took calculated risks. They always looked before they leapt, but they leapt nonetheless. Courage and confidence was something they built as they went.
  7. They believed in themselves, or faked it! Even professionals doubt themselves – but they don’t let self-doubt win.

    “You have to believe in yourself. Even when you don’t, you have to try,” encourages Serena Williams, tennis super-star and 21-time Grand Slam champion. “There are moments when I am on the court and I’m like, ‘I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this’. But then I fortify myself and say, ‘I can, I can’ – and it happens. If you believe in yourself, even if other people don’t, that really permeates through and it shows. And people respect that.”

If the strategies above sound like things you can do, or are willing to try, chances are self-employment is right for you. Be sure to get off to a good start, and be inspired by those who have walked the path of success.

“Wild horses wouldn’t drag me back to working for someone else.”
Alan Sugar, Entrepreneur and host of The Apprentice, UK

Business Can Be a Wonderful Box of Chocolates

Lisas Conroy profile photoLisa Conroy, Director and Empowerment Coach for women’s lifestyle, career and wellness. Box of Chocolates, www.boxofchocolates.co.nz

Lisa Conroy’s passion for helping others led her to start her coaching business. The seeds of change were also cultivated during a stressful time in her former job.

Leading up to my coaching training I had been working for a major sporting organisation for eight years. They were going through massive change and unsettling times. I was up to my fourth restructuring with this company, and management informed us that they were moving the organisation to another city. It was an eight-hour drive away, and an expensive place to transport my family to live.

It had been a toxic environment for some time, HR was non-existent, and I saw first hand during this time of transition amongst the team, the effects of stress and uncertainty. I knew going to the new venue was not in my family’s best interest, so I had to think about my options, which led to a call for change. The idea of coaching and helping others with their life and career goals appealed and seemed to be a growing industry.

I did some investigating and found Cassandra Gaisford and her Worklife Solutions Career and Life Coaching certification programme. Her personality, variety of skills and zest for life just really resonated with me.

I realised becoming a life coach would allow me the freedom, flexibility and independence to do work that I loved in an industry that seemed very rewarding and much needed.

I knew it would be a steep learning curve, but I love a challenge and felt this was the perfect fit for my interests, skills and goals.

My new coaching journey began, which led to a career combo. I decided to start my own business within three weeks of starting my coaching programme and haven’t looked back since…

Do something you love

I have always wanted to have my own business doing something I loved. Once I started my coaching training, I felt this was the perfect match for me to be able to utilise my skills and help others to reach their lifestyle, career and wellness goals.

I also wanted the freedom to be able to work on new ideas and create my own style by offering a unique service in the Wellness industry through my combination of coaching, art therapy workshops, wellness retreats, Reiki healing and aromatherapy pamper parties.

Deciding what to do

My initial focus was purely on the lifestyle, career and wellness coaching but realised it would take time to build my brand, Box of Chocolates, along with gaining trust with clients and networks.

I went into this with a realistic view that it would take twothree years to build to a point of going full time with my business ideas. I also believed that if I had a few alternative strings to my bow, it would assist me in offering a variety of services to a wider audience and give me alternative sources of income.

I was drawn to running wellness retreats where my event management skills, love of wellness and creative activities, and relevant workshop topics would help me attract the right women. Women who wanted to feel empowered and find new inspiration for their lives, and be able to share and learn from others in a safe and nurturing environment.

I was also interested in gaining a certification in Reiki healing as I felt this would complement my coaching and retreats/workshops, which then led onto me becoming an aromatherapy consultant too.

This year I will be focusing on increasing my impact/marketing reach strategies by striving to increase my coaching capacity to offer Skype sessions/coaching packages globally online as well as within New Zealand.

Finding an idea that would be successful

A belief in my abilities, along with a determination to be of service and offer a solution to key problems facing many women helped me find an idea I thought would be successful.

When you can tap into understanding who your niche market is and what they need, you can then build a strong foundation of core services to assist them.

I took a leap of faith but I knew in my heart that every time I coached someone it didn’t feel like work to me, it was so rewarding seeing my clients grow from strength to strength and be able to reach their true potential with a boost in confidence.

When you are coming from the heart and follow that guidance, you will always be supported to find the people and resources you need.

However, that doesn’t mean sitting back and waiting for it to happen. Action and dedication are required to build momentum, along with commitment and trust in your abilities to manifest your dreams and goals.

I also knew that there were not many people holding retreats that offered a unique Zen and creative style that my programme offers – you have to think outside the box and run with it! I went along to lots of Wellness industry events, seminars, network meetings and got a feel for what people were needing and built my strategies around that.

Finding the right product for the right market

I did my research, I talked to successful coaches in the industry and I asked for feedback from all my clients, I went online to see what trends were coming through and what topics were hot, locally and internationally.

I read lots of industry related books and blogs and signed up to sites that inspired me to keep my finger on the pulse on what was working successfully for others that I could leverage off.

Keeping your energy levels high

I’m not a big fan of the saying ‘hard work’ as it has stressful connotations. You need to be passionate about your services and ideas, and you need to have the ability to encourage others to use them. It is also important that you make time to promote yourself and get your messages across to your targeted market through various avenues.

Start small and take your time to build confidence, so that when you realise you’re onto a good thing, it doesn’t feel like ‘hard work’ but is exciting to see your business and ideas coming to fruition.When you are coming from a place of authenticity, it will always come through and people will naturally want to refer your services because they benefit from your genuine concern and skills. This is always going to be your best source of repeated business and will quickly amplify your brand through referrals you can use in your marketing material…

Book_transparentbgTo read more of Lisa’s story, be inspired by other entrepreneurs, and gain practical strategies to help you plan your beautiful business purchase your copy of  Mid-life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself  TODAY!

Mid-life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself  is available in paper back and e-Book version from Amazon.

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Midlife Crisis? Become Self Employed: Choose And Grow Your Own Business With Confidence

miniskirtninja_copywriting_lemonadestandYou don’t always need buckets of money, or the courage of a lion, to start your own business. Plenty of successful entrepreneurs have started their businesses on a shoe-string budget, and launched new careers while combining salaried employment. Many have felt the fear and launched their business anyway.

I was in my mid-30’s, a single parent, holding down a steady job, when I started my first business, Worklife Solutions (worklifesolutions.co.nz). I was worried and fearful that I’d fail, but I did it anyway. It’s one of the most creative, joyful endeavours I’ve ever done. Since then I’ve created many more businesses and helped people all over the globe become successfully self-employed.

Like Lisa Conroy, who shares her story in my latest book, Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself, and other budding entrepreneurs who’ve taken a strategic route to finance their businesses.

It’s hard to believe that I was ever an employee, feeling trapped and miserable in a job that gave me zero flexibility, capped my income and shackled my independence. 

My Mid Life Crisis

I know what it’s like to reach the middle of your life and yearn for something better, but wonder if you have what it takes to make it on your own. I was a single parent, with no one else to pay my mortgage. I wanted more time and freedom to balance child-care with my own desire to have control over my own destiny. And I wanted my income to be determined by my own efforts, not by the mood or whims or dictates of a boss. I wanted to be in control, riding the winds of fortune and navigating the fluctuating economic landscape.

More than that I wanted to rekindle my passion and creativity in both the workplace and home. And I wanted to make a living doing the work I felt born to do.

I was uncertain about how I could employ myself and create a business I’d love with such a passion, that one day I would say, “This isn’t work; this is fun.” But it did happen, and it can happen for you too.

I’m not a risk-taker. Not a reckless, foolishly optimistic one anyway. I was afraid like you might be. I doubted anyone would hire me, or that I could convince others to buy my products and services. I worried that if I severed the safety chord of a regular wage I may not be able to pay my mortgage.

I’d lost my confidence, and worse, I’d lost my self-esteem, trading in my health and happiness for the ‘security’ of a regular pay cheque. I had a mortgage to feed, and a daughter to support on my own, and so I boxed on. But I never gave up on my dream.

I started feeding my soul by reading books by, and about, inspired entrepreneurs. I subscribed to entrepreneurial magazines and devoured articles. (Back then podcasts and YouTube weren’t alive and streaming.) I drew up a list of benefits I felt I’d gain from being self-employed, and trained myself to focus my mind and heart on what I hoped for, not what I feared.

I calculated my hourly rate as an employee and quickly realised I could work less hours and earn more if I employed myself. The final push I needed to take the leap came when my friends, who were turning fifty, encouraged me to join them on a girls trip to Italy. My boss turned down my application to go on leave. “You’re needed here,” she scolded.

“I quit,” I replied. And I haven’t looked back.

Self Employed Bliss – Be Happy: Work With Passion

I have more freedom, work-life balance, creative control and autonomy, and greater work security as a self-employed worker. I get to choose the work I will or won’t do. I love what I do with such a passion that I would do it for free. “That wasn’t work, that was fun,” I said to a client recently.

If you feel like I once did, wondering if being your own boss will ever happen for you, help is at hand. If you fear that if you leave a job you hate, you won’t be able to pay the bills, my latest book, Mid-life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself will help you start smart.

If you’ve bought into the mistaken belief that owning your own business will cost a bomb, or wreak havoc with your work-life balance, this book will set you straight. If worrying about the taxman or legal stuff is putting you off starting a business, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Or perhaps you worry running your own business will be all-consuming. If so you’ll love the section, “Burnout Blitz.”

If you dream of being happy and working with passion and joy, I encourage you to consider taking a calculated and inspired leap into self employed bliss.

Self-employment is an excellent option for Mid-lifers.

While some employers may consider your age or wealth of experience to be a liability, that same experience is an asset when you are running your own show. 

Prospective clients and customers care more about the value you can provide than they do about your age. And running your own business can also offer you the freedom, flexibility, purpose, and autonomy you crave. Plus, if you structure things right from the outset you’ll end up with more money in your wallet.

Book_transparentbgHow To Become Self Employed

Could you do anything if you only knew what it was?  For less than the price of an expresso you can fast-track your way to clarity, happiness and success.

I wrote Mid-life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself for people like you who yearn for more autonomy and have ever thought, ‘I want to start my own business, but I don’t know what to do.’ 

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, or a businessperson looking for a fresh start Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself will help you make the right moves to choose and grow your small business with confidence.

This isn’t a quick-tips-start-your-business-tomorrow, follow-these-steps-in-this-exact-order kind of book. Simply put it’s based on my real-world experiences starting and growing many successful businesses, and the experiences of other people like you. Woman and men in their mid-life who want to be their own boss; to live and work with passion—and still pay the bills!

‘To create meaningful music,’ Neil Diamond sings, ‘You have to look into your own life experiences.’ The same wisdom applies to employing yourself—to create a meaningful business, if you turn to your life experiences and leverage off the things that have shaped you, you will find your passion and purpose. 

Like Barry Watson, whose bad boy behaviour and close shave with divorce led him to create a business helping others save their marriage. And Joy Gaisford who had no idea whether her business would be successful but followed her heart, and pursued her passion and natural talent for creating beauty in others people’s lives. 

In Mid-life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself you’ll read about Dame Wendy Pye who was dumped from her job and, vowing to prove her former boss had made a huge mistake, went on to create her own multi-millionaire dollar publishing business.

Be inspired by Leigh Johnson. After establishing a successful recruitment business, and following a period of depression Leigh yearned to help others. She contacted me to help her define her brand and gain the skills she needed as a coach.“I want people to know how great they are already,” she says of her new mission.

“I give credit to Cassandra Gaisford (www.worklifesolutions.co.nz) for helping me unclutter my thoughts and clear the way to make the decision to become a Well-being & Transition Coach,” she shares on her blog.

Fast-track Your Success

Are you looking for a business coach to help with inspiration and practical support? Would you like to fast-track your success? Contact me at Cassandra@worklifesolutions.co.nz to find out more. Or navigate to the following page to learn more about business coaching and how it can help you:

www.worklifesolutions.co.nz/services-for individuals/business-coaching

Or read the other stories of entrepreneurial rejuvenation I share in my book, Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself (http://Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1SwgzAV)

I felt especially inspired by the true accounts of people who beat the odds by starting a business and how they became successful. The variety of examples of entrepreneur stories given makes you realise that anything is possible with enough will and determination! Cassandra paves the way for you to have belief in your ideas and to run with them. This book will have you excited about the future, dreaming big and living boldly…” ~ Amazon review

Employ yourself! Live the entrepreneurial life and create a product and service so good that people will pay for it.

I read a book once—it changed my life: The Work We Were Born To Do, by Nick Williams. My hope is that I can change yours.

Mid-Life Career Rescue (Employ Yourself): How to confidently leave a job you hate, and start living a life you  love, before it’s too late, is available in paperback and eBook from:

Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1SwgzAV

Or Amazon.com.au  http://bit.ly/1OmXh9g

5 star reviwe employ yourself brilliant career inspiration

Passionately yours


signature my name angie edited

P.S. My business mantra was inspired by the lyrics of a song by the Eagles, “I dream I’m on vacation; it’s the perfect career for me.”

The photos are of me on work-research trip to Italy. In Florence I immersed myself in learning the art of fresco for my art-related historical novel. The  other photo was taken while also on a writing research trip in Sicily! Both are good examples of the freedom and creative potential of owning your business. Which is another benefit – the tax deductibility of work-related expenses (something I learned in Retire Young, Retire Rich by Robert Kiyosaki; http://amzn.to/1P8r5bg.)


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