Rob Reid

Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

Rob ReidRob has a background in Corporate Communications, Training & Facilitation, and Team Leadership. Until March 2010 he was a Senior Communications Manager for major New Zealand corporate, leading the organisation’s internal communications team.

He has over ten years’ experience in team leadership and mentoring of staff, and has had a career specializing in communications, change management, facilitation and staff training. His range of experiences, enthusiasm for building valuable and rewarding relationships, and his communications and facilitation skills are valuable attributes.  These combine with his passion for delivering positive coaching experiences.

He is familiar and empathetic with people seeking to change their careers and to set and achieve challenging goals that align with personal values. Rob’s personal clients come from a range of backgrounds, including business professionals, students, and individuals who want to make changes in their lives or careers. He is dedicated and committed to helping others to deal with organizational and circumstantial change, and to help them identify and cherish their strengths, values and passions.

Rob is a confident public speaker, and an experienced facilitator of conferences, workshops and other events.


“A friend recommended Rob as a coach to me and I have really valued the 8 coaching sessions we’ve had together. His style is incredibly adaptive to each person he is working with and I really like that he allows me to work through the process of seeking clarity around my goals at my own pace and in my own style. His enthusiasm for what I’m enthusiastic about in each of our sessions has helped me immensely with my motivation and drive to get clearer direction and bring focus to what I want to achieve over the next few months and years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob if you are seeking a coach that will work beside you with dedication, a sense of humour, warmth, compassion and patience to achieve your goals!”
Lauren Godfrey, Coaching Client.