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18.03.2020 - How to love, not leave, your career during the Coronavirus crisis

  Job sculpting: create a life of bliss   I am working around the clock to get my final edits done of my book, “Happy@work: job hunting for mid-lifer’s”. Tonight, I’m working on a favourite chapter of mine – “Love it, don’t leave it.”   As one frustrated HR manager said to me recently, “The …MORE »

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21.01.2016 - How to keep your dreams alive

On a roll for sure – ever since I dreamed of moving to a warmer climate, and created a manifestation fridge with the caption, “Thriving Up North.” I just uploaded the FIRST book I ever wrote and self-published – the one rejected by a big name publisher because they felt the world wasn’t ready for …MORE »

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17.08.2015 - Your turning point: Career Rescue for Mid-lifers: Break free of the job trap

Several years ago my good friend and artist Max Gimblett wrote a foreword for my book, Happy At Work for Mid-lifers. As I prepare to re-release an updated version of this book, to be available on Kindle late September, I thought his sage advice was a timely reminder. So many people think age is against …MORE »

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23.06.2015 - Passion@work – how to find a career you’ll love

To be inspired is to be in spirit – a place that comes from your soul.” ~ Cassandra Gaisford, Psychologist, Coach and Author Some people believe that you go to work, grit your teeth and bear it. Others say that it is unrealistic to expect job satisfaction. But these views couldn’t be further from the …MORE »

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28.01.2015 - How to manifest a new career

From Air Hostess to  Career Counsellor Angela is 41 and a single parent of two young daughters. At the time she came to see me she was working as an air hostess, a job she had been doing for over ten years. She was feeling stressed by the shift work and her inability to care …MORE »

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7.04.2014 - Time to get your new career on the move?

Time to get your new career on the move?

  You’ve probably held it said that endings herald new beginnings. Many of us if we are forced to confess will admit that unless we got an encouraging, or more often what seems to be a discouraging, nudge we never would have been brave enough to make a change for the better. I received this message …MORE »

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3.03.2014 - Are you happy at work or is it time to quit?

“Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough.” ~ Donald trump, Businessman Some Alarming Facts: • Lack of passion and career dissatisfaction are common causes of stress, low productivity, poor performance and plummeting levels of confidence and self-esteem. • Less than 10% of the population are visibly living their passion. Surveys completed …MORE »

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29.10.2013 - Plenty of time to make it big

Plenty of time to make it big

Many people in their mid-years worry they’ve left it too late to make a move to a more fulfilling career. The good news, according to some experts, is that life begins at 40 and that many people don’t reach their potential until well into their 50s and 60s. American father of motivational books, Napoleon Hill, …MORE »

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13.10.2013 - Shape-shifting for career and life renewal

Shape-shifting for career and life renewal

Chameleons are nature’s greatest shape-shifters. Have you ever wondered that they can teach we mere mortals about making positive changes in our lives and careers? Most chameleons change from brown to green and back, but some can turn almost any colour. A change can be complete in as few as 20 seconds. Imagine if we …MORE »

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5.09.2013 - Whipping career inertia into shape

Whipping career inertia into shape

It’s a really ‘normal’ part of any change process to wonder if you have the courage, confidence or energy to make a move toward a more positive, fulfilling future. One of my clients recently shared that she wondered if she had the energy to make a positive change. “I think I’m lazy,’  and “maybe things …MORE »

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