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22.10.2020 - Sweet Seduction—The Hidden Truth Booze Makers Don’t Want You To Know

I was chatting with a 67-year-old lady today and she told me her doctor was worried about her drinking. “I have a pinched nerve,” she told me. “The only thing that works is Sav Blanc. But I realized I was drinking too much. You can tell you know,” she said, running her hand over her …MORE »

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29.07.2020 - Alcohol Addiction During a Pandemic—How You Can Slay the Drink Demon

“As our feelings change, this mixture of peptides travels throughout your body and your brain. And they’re literally changing the chemistry of every cell in your body,” says neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert.   So many people are turning to alcohol during COVID-19 to numb their feelings of anxiety.  Numerous studies show problem drinking is on …MORE »

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