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15.10.2020 - 8 Inspirational Stories Teach Valuable Life Lessons

“Beautiful!” So many people feel anxious, fearful, and stressed right now, but there is something we can do. We can feed our soul. Which is what I did when I wrote my new release, the 5th in the Transformational Super Kids Series, Jojo Lost Her Confidence. Jojo Lost Her Confidence is the 5th story, in …MORE »

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20.06.2020 - Trapped in a box? How to change careers and live again

  Max’s story   Max was a primary school teacher. He had been teaching for over 25 years. He told me that he only became a teacher because it was one of the first jobs he was offered after finishing University. He’d quit once before but after a short break went back to it because …MORE »

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3.06.2020 - How to quit your job, change careers, stress less…live more

Whether you dream of quitting your job or you’ve lost the one you had, moving forward fearlessly is a vital success strategy.   There are several ways to boost your courage muscles and gain ideas to propel your career change strategy. An easy peasy option is to devour mindfood, including binging on inspirational media. Limit …MORE »

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21.05.2019 -  How To Find Your Passion and Purpose and Heed the Call For Courage

     The Passion Pack was where one of my most popular books, How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, all started. A simple idea with a powerful message – follow your passion! How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, a concise guide to making the most of your life, began its journey as a set of …MORE »

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12.02.2019 - End Anxiety & Stop Panic Attacks!: A natural, fun, easy to implement approach to recover and regain control of your life

  If you suffer from generalized anxiety and panic attacks If you suffer from stress or burnout If you lack confidence or self-esteem or fear failure…… If you’re a perfectionist or find the challenges of life overwhelming… … then my new book, Anxiety Rescue is exactly the right book for you—because it will cheerlead, motivate and encourage …MORE »

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1.12.2017 - From Chained to the Office, to Freedom in the Country—How to Manifest Your Dream Career or Business

From Chained to the Office, to Freedom in the Country—How to Manifest Your Dream Career or Business

  “What counts for me, in business and in life, is making a difference. That and having fun. Okay, it’s not always fun. Sometimes it’s b***** stressful,” says Laurie Wills, a mortgage expert with a passion for butterflies. “But work feels less like a slog when I get to help awesome people make their dreams …MORE »

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