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15.10.2020 - 8 Inspirational Stories Teach Valuable Life Lessons

“Beautiful!” So many people feel anxious, fearful, and stressed right now, but there is something we can do. We can feed our soul. Which is what I did when I wrote my new release, the 5th in the Transformational Super Kids Series, Jojo Lost Her Confidence. Jojo Lost Her Confidence is the 5th story, in …MORE »

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6.10.2020 - How others sabotage points the way to our passion and purpose

    “The wound is the place where the light enters you” ~ Rumi I wish to address the “stigma and misconceptions” surrounding mental health and in particular the trauma, often untreated, of the wounds of childhood, and offer hope and strategies to help. As a child therapist, I have had the privilege of hearing from boys …MORE »

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