Looking for a 2nd income? Train to be a professional career or life coach. Become your own boss and start earning today.

There has never been a better time to become a coach – it’s a growth area with unprecedented demand. Coaching has been ranked by numerous studies as one of the fastest growing professions and it’s one of the most exciting careers to enter today. Not only does it provide heaps of variety and challenge, but also it plays a vital role in helping shape people’s lives in a meaningful, tangible way. Imagine doing what you love, making a difference and getting paid. It almost sounds too good to be true. But it’s not and it can happen for you!

We’re passionate about helping people find work they love and still pay the bills! If you share our passion and are seeking work that’s fulfilling, financially rewarding, and flexible (you can work where and when you like – many coaches work from home via the phone and the internet) becoming a career and life coach may be just what you have been looking for!

“Well life after the course has been exhilarating and fast moving! I meet with my first ‘client’ today to help her pioneer the way forward with goal setting and soul searching. It was quite funny how it happened as she had found out that I had just finished the course and so came direct to me to ask if I could coach her. . . so she is my first client. I also have another 3 lined up- which is fantastic. I took away a lot of things from the course and have gained useful tools to help pioneer my own future and that in itself is an excitement. Things are beginning to form and my passion is beginning to manifest. Thanks heaps!”

~ Sarah Wall, Self employed life coach

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our philosophy

Coaching is about helping people fulfil their full  potential. Helping people live more passionate lives is a key foundation principal behind all Worklife Solutions’ services. We are passionate about helping people gain greater satisfaction and joy from their lives. Our primary aim is to equip people like you that want to join us in our mission with the skills you need to do so. If you are passionate about helping people we’d love to be part of your success.

The best way to learn coaching is to combine action and reflection. Our programmes offer both! We provide specific training in the underlying theory of best practice coaching principles and practices, combined with actual hands-on practice doing coaching. Work with our powerful FastTrack!™, Solution-Focused coaching methodology that focuses on delivering powerful results for people quickly and holistically.

As coaches, we believe the client has the answers they need within them. Professional facilitation and the timely suggestion of new ideas and creative exploration by the coach reveals these answers so the client can act upon them. The Worklife Solutions Coach Institute’s philosophy of career development and life coaching, as well as our Fast Track! ™ coaching model, are based on these core principles.

Our “Free To Be Me™” and “Passion Driven Work™” coaching programmes have helped our clients discover who they are, who they want to be and what makes them tick. Train to be a coach, live your passion and help people too.


removing the barriers to learning

Distance is no barrier to learning if you’d like to become a Worklife coach. Using modern technology we can bridge the gap between where we’re based and where you live.

Time isn’t a barrier either. Whether you’re working full-time or juggling family or other commitments you’ll love our flexibility. We offer three-day intensive training programmes, or 90 minutes sessions scheduled weekly, fortnightly or at a pace set by you within a 12-month period.

Money challenges? There’s always something pulling you away from your dreams. We know it can be hard to find the finances to embark on a new career. Ask about our flexible payment plans.


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