Certified Career Coach

What is a Career coach?

A career coach is simply someone who helps people to achieve their career goals. Career coaching is a specialist skill. Unlike life coaches who focus on a wide range of issues, career coach’s focus specifically on work related issues.

Individual goals vary. Some people hate what they are doing but feel trapped and unable to identify alternative job options. Others know what they want to do, they just need somebody to provide a bit more focus and to help them to put intentions into action.

A career coach helps people to both identify and make the changes they desire. They help people to gain greater clarity about their criteria for job satisfaction, and longer-term career goals. From these initial insights, the career coach helps people to generate career options and an action plan that will help to fulfil their potential and minimise costly errors along the way.

A good coach’s toolbox includes a structured and sound career development framework, coupled with a creative, lateral approach to problem solving.

Why train to be a career coach?

There has never been a better time to become a career coach. Career coaching is a growth area with unprecedented demand.With job security now a thing of the past and competition in the work force escalating, individuals and organisations are fast realising that the key to developing career resilience and a competitive edge is to invest in on-going career coaching.

It’s not just a nice to have; it’s a must to have! According to the NZ Department of Labour, most people will change careers 5-10 times during their life. That means there is a huge need for professionals who are able to help people make informed career decisions. Career coaching is one of the most exciting careers to enter today. Not only does it provide heaps of variety and challenge, but also it plays a vital role in helping shape people’s lives in a meaningful, tangible way.

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