Certified Life and Career Coach 

Worklife Solutions offer three training lines, career coaching, life coaching or blending career and life coaching. Increasing people seeking training opt to be certified in both. . . which we highly recommend. Issues like low self-esteem, lack of confidence as well as many personal issues (which can be addressed holistically through life coaching) impact career outcomes. Similarly career stress, and career dissatisfaction can negatively impact self-esteem, confidence, relationships, finances and other non-work related areas of peoples lives. Training to be both a career and life coach allows you to work more holistically and effectively with your clients. It also allows you grow a wider client base.

Combining career and life coaching benefits you and your clients by offering an expanded, integrative and holistic approach. The purpose of this course is to equip you with the skills, confidence and ability to coach people to successfully achieve their life and career goals.

The techniques that this course teaches will:

  • Provide you with a framework from which to help clients through life changes
  • Teach you practical strategies and tools to coach clients effectively
  • Increase your self-knowledge – allowing you to build on your strengths and target areas for development
  • Help establish a client base by increasing your profile as a professionally trained and qualified coach
  • Help you to develop a support system and network
  • Provide you with the opportunity to earn money doing what you love
  • Help you master the business of being in business – identify your niche and ensure you generate the respect and money you desire

Training outcomes:

The course will provide you with a tool kit of practical skills and techniques that you can apply when dealing with some of the most common issues that individuals seek life and career coaching for. It will also help you to understand the theory which underpins most of the tools and where else to find answers. Knowing this theory will help you to adapt these tools and improvise new ones to handle more unique situations and to cater to varying individual needs.

Upon completion of the course participants will have:

  • A sound understanding of the theoretical and contextual issues underpinning the coaching process
  • Practical tools and strategies to apply in coaching sessions
  • Increased confidence in your skills and abilities as a life and career coach
  • Professional Certification as a Worklife Career and Life Coach

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