CV and Résumé Writing

Many job seekers make the serious mistake of assuming that people read their CV’s indepth, and actively search for information that helps them to say “yes.” Or alternatively they keep their CV too brief and assume they’ll be able to fill in the detail when they get to the interview.

Just like Goldilocks porridge job applications can be sorted into three piles: Too Hot (over qualified or overselling self without backing up experience); Too Cold (under qualified or understating their skills and experience; and Just Right (a good fit).

Research shows that employers/recruiters spend only 10 seconds making their initial judgement call. 10 seconds! If you want to make the cut then tailoring your CV or resume to their needs is a must.

With over 20 years expertise in the recruitment and careers industry we know what works. Worklife Solutions have written over 3,500 CV’s for people in more than 20 countries, with a unique focus towards the New Zealand job market.  We have also received international recognition, being published in international media and a leading career guide ‘Happy At Work.

Whether you are a graduate, blue-collar worker, middle-manager or high flying executive let us take the stress out of writing your CV or Resume and help you land your next great job.


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“On returning to NZ after more than 10 years away and looking for a change of career direction, my CV was not working and I was finding the NZ style of job interview and behavioral interview questions difficult to respond to. Cassandra helped me to rethink and format my CV and work out a structured approach to behavioral interviews. As a result I am now working again and was offered not 1 but 2 jobs.”

~ Dean Wells, Insurance Manager