“On returning to NZ after more than 10 years away and looking for a change of career direction, my CV was not working and I was finding the NZ style of job interview and behavioral interview questions difficult to respond to. Cassandra helped me to rethink and format my CV and work out a structured approach to behavioral interviews. As a result I am now working again and was offered not one but two jobs.”

~ Dean Wells, Insurance Manager

“Some really great news – I’ve just heard I got the job I went after at the Ministry for the Environment and start there beginning of October.  Can hardly believe it after trying to find a way into this area of work for a long time.  For me it’s confirmation of the importance and power of managing my thought processes. So thanks again for your contribution to the process – I felt really good and confident about the quality of my revised CV, which was a big help.”

 ~ Mike Wignall, Senior Manager

“What I enjoyed most about my coaching experience was that Beth was excellent in helping me with my CV. I was really impressed with the end result and thought that even I would hire me!”

“My recent contact with Cassandra of Worklife Solutions was a result of feeling ‘stuck’ in my career.  I have a fairly broad range of skills and could easily apply them to a number of situations, but was having real difficulty getting into the area of work I wanted.  While I had the background experience, skills and academic qualifications  for this area of work I couldn’t seem to get noticed.   My curriculum vitae was comprehensive and looked good but wasn’t doing the trick. Before our meeting, Cassandra provided a very practical and effective workbook for me to work through.  Initially, I wasn’t keen on doing this exercise, had done it before and wasn’t that confident it would provide what I needed.  However, once I started I became quite engrossed and was inspired to rebuild my CV based on the exercises in the workbook.

Our first (and only) meeting enhanced that background work.  Cassandra was very quick to pick up on my key skills and personal attributes and identify where some of my weak points may have been.  Her knowledge of the recruitment process was invaluable and she encouraged me to be much more confident about my strengths.  Cassandra was also able to give me some key pointers in interview processes.   Together we worked through my rebuilt CV  and refined it even more.  I left the meeting feeling very confident and very satisfied that I had made the right decision in engaging Cassandra to help me with my career.

Within two days I had submitted my CV for a senior position in my preferred area of work and have been shortlisted for that position.  The other three candidates shortlisted have much more direct experience but it was the passion for the work conveyed in my CV, and later in the initial interview that has put me on the shortlist.   While I know that I have the ability to be successful in my chosen career, I have no doubt that Worklife Solutions expertise has now given me choices in this area which I didn’t have before.  I highly recommend Worklife Solutions to anyone who is looking for the added advantage in their career direction.”

 ~ Adrianne T