Friday, September 28th, 2012

Focus on your strengths


We often take our ‘natural knacks’ or gifts for granted, however the skills that are easiest for us can provide a good clue to areas we are most passionate about. Sometimes others have a greater awareness of our strengths and areas of passion than we do!

Leonardo da Vinci had a tremendous talent for observation and capturing in paint the emotions and longings of the soul. He was also extremely talented when it came to painting faces and his knowledge of human anatomy was unparalleled. Numerous people seek to copy his work, at times to pass his works as their own, yet no one has come close to replicating his genius.

Most recently, for example, some are claiming to have discovered a Mona Lisa that precedes the one in the Louvre. Yet senior art critics don’t agree. As Martin Gayford says: “I’m not convinced, and I doubt many Leonardo experts will be either. She just doesn’t look “right,” as they say in the art world. Her hands look boneless, her face strangely flat and the landscape, even if unfinished, is nothing like any other Leonardo. If it weren’t for that scientific evidence of age, I might have suspected that Hugh Blaker had painted her himself at home in Isleworth.”

I don’t agree either. Leonardo was far too talented to have created such a poor rendition of her face and hands and such an emotionally dead palette.

Leonardo was well aware of his talents and passions and pursued them with ardent vigor. Yet many people focus on what their weaknesses are and walk through life unaware of the rich vein of talent they possess.

What skills and talents come most naturally to you?

What strengths do others notice and admire?

What are the other skills and strengths that give you a buzz?

Write these insights in your passion journal.  Add to it and review it regularly.

Passion flows, it can’t be forced. Don’t underestimate the things that come easiest for you.

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