Is coaching like counselling?

Both the coaching and counselling professions are about helping people to move forward in their lives. The key difference between counselling and coaching is that coaching focuses on the present – where clients are now, where they want to be, and concrete action steps to achieve their preferred futures.

Counselling tends to be more problem-focused, and places a lot of emphasis on understanding the past. Whereas coaching has a more solutions-focused approach from the outset and focuses on present and future intentions. It is 100% focused on clients achieving their goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Unlike therapists or counsellors, life coaches aren’t looking for the roots of certain behaviours. However, some clients may present with much deeper issues, such as clinical depression, or repetitive sabotaging behaviours that are deep rooted and hard to shift. Counselling is a highly specialised skill and to practise as a counsellor you need a tertiary qualification in counselling. For this reason and for the client’s safety they would benefit best from working with a counsellor and you should refer them onto an appropriate practitioner.


What does counselling cost?

Each session ranges in price from between NZD$175- NZD$250 per session. This depends on the experience on the presenting issues and the experience and credentials of the counsellor


How does it work?

Each session involves a combination of specifically designed tools) and one-to-one personal, email, telephone or Skype counselling sessions. The “tools” may involve “talk-therapy” workbooks, card sorts, and on-line assessment. In consultation with your Worklife Counsellor  you will decide which tools and exercises will best meet your needs and how many counselling sessions you need

The Counselling sessions are normally one hour in duration

“Homework” activities are set between sessions to reinforce learning and empower you with the skills and knowledge to continue managing your life once the counselling has ended.

A minimum of one week between sessions is recommended to allow for “homework” exercises.

Most programmes are completed within a one-six month period