Thursday, January 9th, 2014

How to have a happy new year

The quote on this image of Mona Lisa really sums up my philosophy and personal mantra (no doubt encapsulating Leonardo Da Vinci’s too.)

New year,  new you?  If you are as intrigued as I am re how to make 2014 a truly happy new year (beyond the casually tossed well wishes that last only into the first two weeks as people return from Xmas leave full of good cheer)  then why not try focusing on the talents and skills that when used make you feel truly happy, and combine the use of these talents with something that truly interests you.

For me this means combining coaching and writing with travel, art and photography and creating products and services that inspires and uplifts myself and others.

I’ve already locked in a trip to Puglia Italy to study photography with the fabulous Carla Coulson, and a writing course, as well as research for my novel Mona Lisa’s Secret, in Florence. Can’t wait!

And I can’t wait to resume my coaching – both training those with a passion for coaching others to achieve their dreams, and also coaching people who want to pursue their passions not their pensions. All these activities fit nicely with my theme this year, “The Art Spirit.” I’m so looking forward to working creatively, intuitively and spiritually…much more than I have in any other year.

If you were to combine your talents with your interests what would your life look like? What would you be doing? How can you make this vision of your life a reality?

Wishing you all a truly fabulous, passionate and joyful 2014. May you make this year one where you followed your heart and chose a path that allows you to truly follow your bliss…and still pay the bills :)

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