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How to quit your job, change careers, stress less…live more

Whether you dream of quitting your job or you’ve lost the one you had, moving forward fearlessly is a vital success strategy.


There are several ways to boost your courage muscles and gain ideas to propel your career change strategy. An easy peasy option is to devour mindfood, including binging on inspirational media. Limit your consumption of toxic mainstream media and tune into uplifting inspiring stories. For example, after 23 years as a postal worker, Alex quit his job to make violins.
Watch this inspiring video


A client of mine has always dreamed of creating her own skincare line. I recommended she tuck into Jo Malone’s, My Story. Known around the world as a fashion and beauty icon, Jo Malone is responsible for revolutionizing the beauty industry and creating some of the world’s most-loved and recognizable scents. Watch this video where she shares her story


One of the many things that stands out about Malone’s story is that she built an incredible empire with no qualifications, no formal training, and is dyslexic.


Keep looking forward

Sometimes when we quit our jobs, or plan to make a move, we can spend too long second-guessing and doubting our decision. We can long to go back to something we knew we needed to quit. My client shared the following:

I still have my days where I regret leaving my job (rear view), and those days are hard and I continue to work at it.  I have to stop myself looking at SEEK and TradeMe for jobs, as I am finding nothing suits eg: hours are too long, nothing based in town, which then makes me feel like I shouldn’t have left my job as it ticked a lot of boxes – hours/time was flexible, local, didn’t require a certain qualification or large set of skills etc.  I miss the contact with the volunteers too.


Looking in the rearview can be a helpful strategy is you gather learning points to help steer you forward. For example, embedded in my client’s email are clues to what she does what:

  • Reasonable (short, school) hours
  • Based at home or near home
  • Flexible time
  • Qualifications/skills are not barriers to entry or fun and easy to achieve
  • Contact with others
  • Great team, great vibe
  • Working with people who want to be there
  • Filling my cup up


Equally important is to remind yourself of what you don’t like or didn’t enjoy about your role. In my client’s case:

  • Lack of challenge
  • Boring
  • Not aligned to passions
  • Not feeling appreciated
  • Not being valued as part of the team
  • Lack of support
  • Poor management
  • Negative environment
  • No one wanted to work as a team for the greater good.


“The old me would have rung up my old boss and asked him to take me back,” my client told me. “I’m so glad I didn’t.”

Make time

“At this point in time I have put aside anything to do with developing a cream/beauty product. I feel like I don’t have the headspace with everything else on my plate.”

Changing careers, creating a new product or service, or beginning any project we don’t have expertise or experience in can summon the fear demons. Resistance will show up big time. Our days will become full—but not necessarily with the right things. It’s essential to keep moving forward. Much like writing a novel, the change can seem overwhelming. Yet a novel is finished word by word.  A career change is made step by step. A new service or product bit by bit. Significant progress can be made in as little as 15 minutes a day devoted to something you love and want to achieve.

The only thing that will make you feel good is making progress toward something that may not seem urgent but is high in personal importance.



Fill up your cup

Be sure to make time to fill your life with things you love and which nourish you. For my fatigued client who told me she was suffering from a COVID hangover (too much, too often, too toxic news updates) she opted to go with Dr. Joe Dispenzas movement GOLO-20 to counteract all the negative stuff being spewed into the world. This means doing more of what she loves, including:

  • Scheduling time to enjoy her health and well-being course, “Bye-Bye- Burnout”
  • Learning a new skill, one aligned to giving her a qualification and expert knowledge aligned to her passion project
  • Exercise, to keep her energy high
  • Buying a sauna and using it

Into her ‘cup’ she was also pouring high-vibe feeling like joy, nourishment, wonder, excitement, flow, love, and gratitude.


Be inspired, encouraged, and delighted from the comfort of your own home

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