Career and life planning workshops

In addition to our career development, counselling and life coaching services, we also provide workshops and inspirational presentations for individuals wanting to tap into the energy of working with others to achieve success.

Mid-Life Make Over: have the courage  of change careers and live again

Fed up with work? This workshop is for you! Discover your ideal career, and build a future doing what you love. Our one-day career-planning workshop will help you: Gain clarity about work choices that make you happy; inspire, motivate, and support you to create a plan of action to achieve your career goals. Find the courage to change careers and live again! Learn more about this practical and inspiring workshop here >>

Manifest your passion – passion journal workshop

Harness the transformational power of creativity and manifest your dreams. Keeping a  passion journal gives you a sense of your own story.  In a sense you create a script for your own life as you go along. It’s a powerful way of tapping into the law of attraction and fast-tracking everything you desire – career, life, fitness, and more.

Learn more about this creative, practical, fun and powerful workshop here >>

Revive – colour analysis and style

Reinvent yourself  and live  a life more colourful. Enhance your effectiveness and embrace the inspirational, transformational power of colour. Learn more about what brings out the best possible you and increase your  reputation and profile for maximum benefit. Learn more here >>