Career Coaching

Whether you have recently lost your job, want to change your career or want to further the career you have, the keys to success are similar. It involves successfully answering three questions:

  • ‘What do you want to do?’
  • ‘What skills do you bring to the marketplace?’
  • ‘What will others pay you to do?’

Sounds easy but so many people say, “I could do anything if I only knew what it was!” Career coaching helps you discover the answers to those questions, and in the process, improve your ability to find meaningful, paid employment. By identifying your passions and criteria for satisfaction, thinking both practically and creatively about options, tapping into the hidden job market  and learning how to market yourself effectively you will begin the process of aligning your personal passions with your work life and vice versa. In this way, you will be better equipped to make informed choices that stand the test of time.

Popular programmes

If you are serious about achieving career success then identifying and pursuing your passion is critical. Our programmes are uniquely created to help you achieve just that!  We can tailor a programme to suit your needs, or help you reach your goals with one of popular programmes:

 Career coaching modules

Click here for an overview of the tools we use to help people plan their careers and achieve their career goals:




Customised programmes range from $295 to $5,500 – depending on your unique needs, the approach used and the seniority, skills and experience of the coach. Pricing includes comprehensive workbooks and personal coaching. Please contact us to discuss any of the above options further or to arrange a comprehensive and strictly confidential needs analysis.

Frequently asked questions

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Client testimonials

“I am so happy to be working with Cassandra! Her coaching, insights, and encouragement have helped me truly refine what I want for my career and in my life. In working with her, I have opened my mind to new opportunities that excite me. I now feel I am on a path forward in realizing my future dreams, while knowing that detours along the way are part of the journey.” ~ Angela F.