Life Coaching: Free To Be Me™

Our 12 step life Free To Be Me™ coaching programme has successfully helped thousands of people achieve their goals and dreams. Personal coaching and bespoke, customized workbooks include a range of tools and strategies to help increase your self-awareness and knowledge of the keys to success. The 12-step coaching process simplifies what at the time can seem like overwhelming or confusing obstacles in your way, including lack of self esteem, negative thinking patterns, relationship dramas and financial constraints. As basketball superstar Michael Jordan once said, obstacles don’t have to stop you, you just have to find a way around them. This programme will show you how.

Below is an overview of each of the modules and teachings. You may chose to work systematically through each step or pick-and-mix which ones best help as things progress. Which ever way you prefer to work the following life coaching modules will help you make life decisions that are right for you and add further insight and depth to your coaching programme.

Step 1: Life Goals/Life Purpose

Step 1 introduces two very important components of the coaching process. The first one is the importance of goal setting. The second is the importance of helping you to find meaning and purpose in your life. Knowledge of these critical steps will help you to establish a firm foundation that will enable the identification and successful achievement of your desired results.

Step 2: Passion

Helping people live more passionate lives is a key foundation principal behind all Worklife Solutions services. Passion is a key component of helping people discover who they are and what makes them tick. This module will also introduce you to some tools and techniques to help you successfully discover and integrate your passions into your life.

Step 3: Break free of the tribe and the expectations of others

This module will explore the powerful, influence of other people such as family, friends, colleagues, religion, and culture. Understanding the impact of these key cultural influencers will help you understand more fully how your current beliefs, values, assumptions and rules, either support you or take you away from your life desires.

Step 4: Values – clarifying what’s important

Step 4 introduces you to the role of “living values” – a powerful technique to assist you to make changes that better reflect who you are and who you want to be.

Step 5: Create your life with your thoughts, words and actions

Step 5, of Free To Be Me™ examines the powerful roles of thoughts, words and actions in creating both current and future realities. Learning techniques to help overcome negative emotions, thoughts and actions will enable you to achieve powerful results.

Step 6: Courage – Challenge your fears

Fear can be a great protector, but left unexamined and unchallenged it can lead people to state of inaction, anxiety, and depression. This module will introduce you to strategies to help overcome fear and to have the courage to make positive changes in your life.

Step 7: Create from the inside out

Step 7 emphasises the importance of intuition and listening to your inner self during the life re-creation process. Knowing how to slow down and heed the calling of your spirit will foster greater self-awareness and build a stronger and resilient sense of self. It will also help you to minimise over-thinking, flow with life’s challenges, and resist forging a life based on the shaky foundations of material or external success.

Step 8: Successful daily habits

Change is not something that happens instantly. Repetition is the key to learning and integrating new behaviours, thoughts and emotions into our lives. Step 8 of ™™ introduces you to powerful but simple strategies to build daily habits that lead to success. Learning these techniques will allow you to create lasting change.

Step 9: Focus – Allow no doubt

This module introduces you to techniques that will assist you to maintain a positive expectancy. By highlighting the importance of sending your “critics” on a holiday and staying focused on your preferred futures you will be better able to persevere in pursuit of your goals.

Step 10: Building and maintaining high self-esteem and confidence

Strategies and techniques designed to create, and maintain high self-esteem and infallible confidence will be introduced in this module. Learning these techniques lies at the heart of empowering clients to free themselves from constraining forces.

Step 11: Let desire, not need or fear propel you forward

Change is not always easy.  It often brings mixed emotions. The sadness and grief of things that will no longer be, or the fear that may come from taking a risk. Sometimes it is easier to take the safe comfortable option. Step 11, introduces effective decision and goal setting processes designed to motivate and inspire clients through the life redesign process. By learning these techniques you will fuel the flames of desire needed to propel you toward your preferred outcomes.

Step 12: Commitment to action

Yes – it’s the big “C” word – COMMITMENT. This is where winners separate from losers – losers always find a reason not to commit to action. Step 12 introduces some powerful and effective strategies to help you commit to action. This module will also introduce common barriers to commitment and ways to overcome them.