Personal Brand

First impressions are enduring impressions. You don’t have much time to make one – 10 seconds at least. 30 at most!

Impressions are formed by a variety of factors – it’s not just what you say, but what you wear, that speaks loudly about who you are. You may think people should spend time getting to know the real you, but the reality is very often they won’t. Time is short and visual impressions are lasting ones.

As competition steps up, for jobs and relationships smart people are turning to image consultants to help give them develop a personal brand which gives them the edge.


  • Create powerful, lasting first impressions
  • Build a reputation that precedes you
  • Increase your visibility and raise your profile
  • Improved decision making – saving tine and money  by choosing clothes and accessories in colours that suit you best
  • Look more vibrant, younger, healthier, thinner and sexier!
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhanced energy and personal success
  • Increase your options by wearing colours you never thought you could
  • Gain and maintain a competitive edge
  • Fare better in economic downturns