The role of supervision in maintaining professionalism

 What is supervision?

The Career Development Association of New Zealand explains supervision in the following way:

Professional supervision in the helping professions (including, among others, counselling, psychology, the therapies and careers work) is a mutually agreed and often contracted relationship between two or more professionals working together in a positive and supportive process.

The supervision may be time-limited or ongoing. They may be structured or less structured. Supervision often involves face-to-face meetings, where workable. Other modes of supervision include telephone consultations, computer or i-Phone communicating (Skype or chat rooms) and video or tele-conferencing. Supervision typically takes place on an agreed, regular basis.

Supervision often involves in-depth face-to-face discussion. It may also involve a mix of observation, written/verbal reports, presentations, video & case analyses and/or skill learning.

How does it work?

Some supervisors supervise ‘live’. This is extensively used in a number of countries overseas. Live supervision, known as ‘Extravision’ in New Zealand (Smithells & Lloyd, 1989) involves the supervisor attending a session where the supervisee works with one or more of his/her clients face-to-face. The supervisor participates as much or as little as needed in the session. After the session, the supervisor provides honest and supportive verbal feedback.

Supervision is not mentoring, coaching, training or line management. However, the competencies overlap to a greater or lesser extent. Some supervisors are also mentors. All supervisors and mentors are in some ways, role models for whom they supervise.

Regular supervision sessions are compulsory as part of Professional Membership with CDANZ, and helps professional coaches increase their skills, maintain boundaries and practice safely.

While supervision is not compulsory for life coaches it is an important way to ensure continuing best practice

How do I schedule a supervision session?

To schedule a session or to enquire about how supervision can help you please contact us. We’d love to hear from you