“Did you write the text? I think it’s great – nice and chatty and “real” – not what you’d expect in a mortgage and insurance broker.”

Bronwyn Sell, Copy editor re www.awesomemortgages.co.nz


“Thanks Cassandra – you actually beat me to it as I was going to drop you an email and say what a great article this was!  Very balanced and great to see it from so many perspectives. As always, don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you need any further commentary from us in future.”

Lucy Nichols
, Marketing Manager,
Robert Walters re feature article in New Zealand Herald


“I loved your article on me, and the response has been quite overwhelming…Amazing Cassandra. I’ve had people contacting me from all over the world wanting me to help. What you have done is so very much appreciated.”

 Marianne O’hagan, Astrologer and Business Owner re press release