EAP – Life Coaching & Counselling

Personal issues which impact on work are very real and common realities that can end up costing an organisation dearly if not dealt with early, humanly and proactively. Worklife Solutions Employee Assistance Programmes offer a unique solutions focused approach which quickly helps individuals to resolve life and personal issues. Whether these be relationship issues, financial concerns, health and diet issues, or poor self esteem and a lack of confidence.

The Worklife Solutions approach is unique because rather than encourage a problem focus and dwelling on the past we help individuals focus on their preferred future and to committ to the changes they want to make today onwards. Life coaching is unique and results focussed.

There are times when individuals will benefit from more in-depth counselling and when this occasion occurs we will refer your employee on to one of our network of experienced, qualified counsellors.

For those issues that require more in-depth pyschological assistance we are able to call on the professional assistance of our strategic partners

How does it work?

Individual circumstances vary but most employees benefit from a minimum of four personal coaching or counselling sessions, with a maximum of 12 sessions being most common.

What does it cost?

Each session ranges in price from between NZD$175- NZD$250 per session.

For further information or to arrange a comprehensive needs assessment please contact us.