Services for Organisations Feedback




“After having been made redundant, you were great in giving me back my confidence and self worth.”

“I was at your seminar at CATE. It was terrific. The seminar was very motivating.”

“ It was a pleasure dealing with you. You helped me to look at various options and choose the best one. I like your approach and style.”


“I continue to use your services because of the feedback I get from users – the customer.”
– Terry McCaul – Executive Director HR, The Open Polytechnic

“You are easy to deal with. I don’t feel that I am being sold. I feel with other providers that it is a transaction – that I am an account. The way you deliver is very personal. You recognise individuality.”
– Terry McCaul – The Open Polytechnic

“Worklife Solutions brings a fresh, pragmatic, solutions focused approach to helping resolve personal and professional issues” – Christy Edwards, Financial Controller


“Our staff have told us that they’ve been to stress workshops before but this was by far the best and most useful. They really appreciated the extra handouts and resources to take away.” – Frank Moes, HR Manager, Tower NZ

“I am so pleased that our ex-employee is happy and enjoying her role. It is extremely helpful for me to know that our efforts in providing assistance are valuable. Thank you for your support and contact.” – Denise Roil , Avalon Studios

“You make it easy for us to give people a feeling of being valued.”
– Terry McCaul – The Open Polytechnic

“I thought your approach was refreshing for this organisation, focusing on possibilities and potential, and giving practical techniques to the team while not wavering from each individual needing to take action.” Ricky Utting, Media Services Manager, The Correspondence School