Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Successful daily habits

So many people say they’re too busy to take time out to do the things they enjoy and which contribute to success and good health. Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson is responsible for running over 400 companies under his mega successful Virgin banner—but that doesn’t stop this multi-tasking businessman from keeping fit, eating a healthy breakfast and enjoying his favourite sport, kite boarding.

What routine habits would help you achieve your goals? Here’s just a few ideas:

• Meditation/relaxation/yoga
• Reading, listening or watching motivating and inspiring tools  (books, articles, podcasts, YouTube, MP3’s etc.)
• Staying positive – monitoring thoughts daily, affirming what you want, being grateful etc.
• Exercise
• Researching a specific goal
• Learning a new skill
• Planning
• Taking a small but specific step towards your desired goal every day
• Spending time with family and friends
• Following your passion/doing something you love
• Taking time out to do nothing at all

Success lies in your daily habits. Write down as many helpful daily habits as you can. If you run out of ideas research the daily habits of successful people you admire. How will these daily habits make a positive difference to your life? Why will scheduling time for these activities help you achieve your goals?

Just recently someone said to me, ‘I don’t know how  you manage to accomplish so much and stay so calm.’

I’m a huge fan of meditation and have been including this in my daily routine for over 15 years. And I’m with Richard Branson on the importance of starting the day well with a healthy breakfast. Daily exercise is also a must-do, nothing that involves wearing Lycra. . . just a lovely walk in nature will do.  I also make time for a regular massage – not daily, although this would be great (!), but at least once a month. I’d love to hear what daily habits work for you.

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