Outplacement support

The aim of our outplacement and career transition programmes is to support and assist people faced with job loss in securing their next role as quickly as possible. Our coaches have substantial experience in helping people through the change process as well as substantial experience of what works in the job market. Our mission is to re-build peoples confidence and self esteem and to put the placement back into outplacement. We pride ourselves on our 90% success rate in helping people to transition successfully into new work.

Worklife Solutions Consultants work with individual clients from all levels and backgrounds: senior executives, managers, professionals, technical specialists, through to front-line staff. Worklife Solutions delivers programmes designed to address a range of career options, including comprehensive reemployment, career change, contract work, consulting practice, entrepreneurship, retirement/work combination, and full retirement.

People’s needs vary and it is for this reason that Worklife Solutions offers uniquely differentiated programmes for specifically different needs, each focused on delivering effective outcomes and successful results.

Executive Service

A customised consultative programme that helps senior executives plan and implement a career strategy, assess particular job options and opportunities within that context, and successfully reengage expertise and skills, while positioning the executive to achieve their short-term goals and longer-term career objectives.

Price range: $15,000 – $7,500 depending on unique needs and specialisation required

Professional/Management Service

Assists managers and professionals in assessing job options and opportunities while redeploying strengths and skills to achieve job goals as quickly as possible. This includes career assessment, definition of career direction, CV preparation, development and implementation of a personal marketing plan, enhancement of interview skills, and negotiating job offers and compensation packages.

Price range: $7,500 – $3,500 depending on unique needs and specialisation required

Market Readiness Service

Provides a comprehensive overview of the job-transition process and practical strategies for conducting a successful job-search campaign. Attention is given to identifying strengths, developing a valid and realistic job objective, and creating a targeted and effective CV. Ideally suited to those in non-managerial/executive roles.

Price range: $3,500 – $1,200 depending on unique needs and specialisation required

To obtain detailed service descriptions or to arrange an obligation free comprehensive needs assessment please contact us