Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

What love, passion, addiction, you name it, any obsessive emotion, can mean for you

“Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” ~ Donald Trump, businessman

Many of you know I’m passionate about passion. Recently I’ve been thoroughly enthralled by actress Adrienne Corri’s remarkable quest to unravel the truth behind a portrait she, and at the time, no other believed to be the authentic creation of mater painter Thomas Gainsborough. Pursuing her passion lead her to find her life purpose.

“I knew without doubt what love, passion, addiction, you name it, any obsessive emotion, meant to me. Everything else in my life up to then had led to that moment. All the mistakes, the stupidities, the failures that nay person goes through – had they been in one event different, I would not have been in that car with that picture. I could never say again, ‘I wish I had not done that.’

To have all regrets swept away in one afternoon, all reservations and doubts wiped out, all mistakes vindicated, is an extraordinary feeling, but that is what the discovery of young Thomas Gainsborough had done for me. One perfect achievement had made sense of it all – and if nothing else happened it was enough” ~ Adrienne Corri, author of The Search for Gainsborough

You can learn more about Adrienne’s personal quest here:



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