Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Why you should trust your passion

“I trusted my passion” ~ Naomi Barton Client success story!


This year in the wake of Covid-19 anxiety I helped a young mother of two find her point of brilliance—her voice and her passion for telling stories. She decided to pursue her passion to become a professional, self-employed audiobook narrator.

I was so thrilled when she agreed to narrate my midlife career change book, Midlife Career Rescue: Employ Yourself It was such a fabulous experience for us both! Hopefully, the audio version will be live soon—as I write, I am waiting for the Audible backlog to clear.

I love, love, love helping my coaching clients find their point of brilliance and doing what I can to help share their passion-inspired career and business with others.

Below is my review for Naomi Barton Voice who narrated the audio version of —if you need an audiobook narrator…look no further.  Contact Naomi for more information about her audiobook narration and production services:


You can read about Naomi’s inspired career change, from stressed and anxious employee to inspired and happy businesswoman, here:  Scroll through the blog to hear Naomi narrate the chapter, “Your Point of Brillance.”


“First of all, thanks so much the work you did on this audiobook. I was so thrilled with it. Right from the first hearing of you narrating my book I could not help smiling. Not only were you amazingly efficient, but I loved the way you got and delivered the inspiration and empowerment that is such an important component of the book. Your delivery, cadence and tone are excellent; I am in awe of the way you use your voice in a way that helps the listener. My appreciation only increased as we continued working together through the narration and submission for publication process. I am so grateful for your professionalism, passion and purpose you brought toMidlife Career Rescue: Employ Yourself. Thank you so very much for bringing your gifts to my work. It is the perfect reading. Working with you has been so lovely, enriching and joyful.

Midlife Career Rescue: Employ Yourself Cassandra Gaisford”


P.S. check out the YOUTUBE EPISODE of The Cassandra Gaisford Show, where I interview inspiring men and women from around the world and tell you THEIR story of finding, launching, and growing their own passion-driven life and career. I call these people – Passionpreneurs.

“Don’t you do what you love when you retire?” a then 28-year-old Naomi Barton said to me when she contacted me for help to forge a new career. “Where did you learn that?” I challenged. And so began the evolving of Naomi’s career path where now she has challenged the myth that you do what you love when you’ve finished your career and how she realised her true essence.

Watch and be inspired! It’s never too late to follow your dreams! you’ll find the Youtube, audio and interview script on my latest blog:


I also helped Naomi completed her first children’s book, An Unexpected Journey: a Covid-19 Tale, after taking my Love Stories course. An Unexpected Journey can be purchased on Amazon. Stay tuned for the release of the exquisite audio version—narrated by Naomi and her daughter (and a host of other real-life characters)

Do you have a story inside? Would you love to write a children’s book? A book of poems? Romance? Or something else? application is now open for Love Stories… commencing 01 Sept.

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