Change and Outplacement Workshops

Normalising the way people are feeling, and providing tools that can help people to cope during the change process can be a refreshing and positive step forward for groups of employees who may feel threatened by upcoming changes to their work or work environment.

All our workshops are highly interactive and employ experiential learning techniques to reinforce new behaviours.
Outlined below are samples from our extensive range of workshops.

We will happily tailor these workshops further to better meet the key outcomes your organisation is seeking.

  • Leading Transformational Change
  • Taking Charge of Change
  • Stress Busting And Building Resilience – With Passion
  • Building successful teams – with Myers Briggs
  • Re-energising Teams And Organisations
  • Career Planning For Success
  • Effective Job Search Techniques
  • Powerhouse CV and Interview Skills
  • Future Directions
  • Financial Planning

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